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            Mr Hofmeister, Mr Regerbis, what significance does electromobility have for your companies?

            Amadeus Regerbis and J?rg Hofmeister in interview

            How long have EnBW and Tank & Rast been working together and how did this cooperation come about?

            Amadeus Regerbis, Head of Charging Infrastructure for Electromobility at EnBW

            What form does the cooperation take in practice? Who does what?

            Amadeus Regerbis and J?rg Hofmeister in interview
            Partner perspective
            There were around 16,000 public charging points for e-cars in Germany at the end of 2018 – although distributed very unevenly across different regions. Yet the network is set to become denser, the aim is after all for around 1 million e-cars to be on the streets of Germany by 2022. To supply this number of vehicles across the whole country, the German National Platform for Electric Mobility estimates that around 77,000 public charging points will be required. Source: German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW, as of 14/12/2018).
            Portrait J?rg Hofmeister

            The car industry now needs to do its homework and launch long-range e-cars on the market at reasonable prices.

            J?rg Hofmeister, Head of Electromobility at Tank & Rast

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